No Matter What Yulia Niko Release Date 17 Sep 2018
Yulia Niko - No matter what (Original Mix)
Yulia Niko - No matter what (Worker Union Bass reinterpretation)
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HSBRG BLCK 001 (vinyl only) Saktu, Guy From Downstairs, Lost.Act, Stan Yaroslavsky Release Date 06 Aug 2018
A1 Guy From Downstairs - Budget Ballin [HSBRGV009]
A2 Saktu - Memory Shake [HSBRGV009]
B1 Lost.Act - Tenz [HSBRGV009]
B2 Stan Yaroslavsky - For Us [HSBRGV009]
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INFLATE (Anton Kubikov & Swoy Remixes) Sergey Sanchez, Mag Day Chuk Release Date 11 Jun 2018
Sergey Sanchez & Mag Day Chuk - Inflate (Original Mix)
Sergey Sanchez & Mag Day Chuk - Inflate (Anton Kubikov Remix)
Sergey Sanchez & Mag Day Chuk - Inflate (Swoy Remix)
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DESTINY STREET EP DOT Release Date 14 May 2018
Dot - Black Hole [HSBRG032]
Dot - Change For The Better [HSBRG032]
Dot - Destiny Street [HSBRG032]
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RADISON D'ETRE Daniele Griffo, Lama Brothers Release Date 16 Apr 2018
Daniele Griffo, Lama Brothers - Art [HSBRG031]
Daniele Griffo, Lama Brothers - Rue [HSBRG031]
Daniele Griffo, Lama Brothers - Vie [HSBRG031]
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Stefania's Spaceship (vinyl only) Saktu Release Date 10 Apr 2018
Saktu - Modularium [SAKTU001]
Saktu - Zood [SAKTU001]
Saktu - Stefania's Spaceship [SAKTU001]
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POWER OF IGNORANCE Reyam Release Date 26 Mar 2018
Reyam - Power Of Ignorance (Original Mix) [HSBRG030]
Reyam - Power Of Ignorance (Lost.Act Remix) [HSBRG030]
Reyam - Sultans of Swing (Original Mix) [HSBRG030]
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KRAXX TRAXX EP *vinylonly ANTON KUBIKOV Release Date 06 Mar 2018
A1 Anton Kubikov - Foggy (Original Mix) [HSBRGV008]
A2 Anton Kubikov - St Groo (Original Mix) [HSBRGV008]
B1 Anton Kubikov – Foggy (Pavel Iudin Remix) [HSBRGV008]
B2 Anton Kubikov - Foggy (Federico Molinari Remix) [HSBRGV008]
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Space Canary Shyam Release Date 05 Mar 2018
Shyam - Space Canary [HSBRG029]
Shyam & Quazee - Cologne [HSBRG029]
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Why / Not Stan Yaroslavsky Release Date 12 Feb 2018
Stan Yaroslavsky - Why [HSBRG028]
Stan Yaroslavsky - Not [HSBRG028]
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Yulia Niko - No Matter What Worker Union Bass Reinterpretation
Dieru - Mind Control F.eht Remix
WORKER UNION - Room 12 Original Mix
Reyam - Frisky Original Mix
Sergey Sanchez, Mag Day Chuk - Inflate Swoy Remix
Reyam - Sultans of Swing Original Mix
Stan Yaroslavsky - Why Original Mix
Reyam - Power of Ignorance Original Mix
Reyam - Cosy Original Mix
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